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This is a blog dedicated to the many famous names who love and respect the Goddess Beyoncé. From the world of music, film, TV, dance, fashion, sports and even politics. Everybody loves King B.

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“Every day I get starstruck by somebody or something. It’s fun to admire and to learn from people who are better at everything than you are, so I have many heroes I worship, like Derek Jeter — I can’t play baseball like Derek Jeter! And Beyonce — I certainly can’t dance and sing like Beyonce!”

“I think when girls hear Beyoncé, it makes them move and want to lift their arms up and be strong, be powerful. She puts this energy of positivity out there which is good for people’s souls. I think musicians are kind of like shamans: they’re bringing the vibrations of a more spiritual state. So yes, I think that is really good for girls.”

- Thandie Newton

(Source: theguardian.com)

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