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Nicki Minaj shares her experience Performing with Beyonce in Paris on Ebro in the Morning!

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You talk about a woman you can’t take your eyes off of when she’s dancing, this is usually the sign of a great performer. Is there a female performer who you think fits the bill?

Beyoncé can do no wrong in my eyes. You know what it is about Beyoncé that people just can’t put their finger on? It’s that when Beyoncé’s on stage, she has so much confidence in herself. She knows so very much that she’s amazing that she’s not afraid to get ugly. You know what I mean? Not afraid to do something that looks kind of silly. She’s not spending her whole time up there trying to be gorgeous. That gets old. Okay, you’re a woman and you have on this outfit, you’re pretty. We’ve got that already, so stop trying to sell me pretty and perform. That was the thing that was so amazing about Tina Turner. People used to say Tina Turner performs like a guy. And that’s because a guy that’s in it, he does not care about what he looks like, it’s about the passion and energy of the record and that’s the way that Beyoncé performs. The sexy is a given, we got that already. What else you got? And Beyoncé gives you the rest of it. Okay, sexy’s out of the way, so now I’m gonna give you this power, give you this raw energy, you know? So that’s the reason why Beyoncé is who she is. It’s not a lot of women who have the guts to be that cause that’s a very gutsy move like, ‘I’m gonna get ugly on stage? Oh God, no. How’s my hair?’ Can’t show any cracks. Beyoncé doesn’t care. And I love that about her.