Famous Beyoncé Fans
This is a blog dedicated to the many famous names who love and respect the Goddess Beyoncé. From the world of music, film, TV, dance, fashion, sports and even politics. Everybody loves King B.

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  viveleloutre said:
This blog is as beautiful as the great goddess of fabulousness herself and deserves to be blessed. <3

WOW. Thank you so much <3

“Because of Beyonce many young women are talking about feminism and hopefully young men because she has such a following. I have had young people in Nigeria who probably would have never heard of my TED talk without Beyonce and who are now talking about feminism.”

  beyoncefacts said:
OMG I loveeee your page !!!!! I"ll be on it all night lol ! Im still trying to get motivated to start mine. Thanks for the motivation.

Go for it! You got this! <3

“Beyoncé is so much fun to work with. She’s so professional. I can’t imagine collaborating with anyone more than her.”

“I’m still dissecting everything. Because I love lyrics. So I’m just taking everything in. But the imagery is so beautiful. And I love how much - it’s a more creative and sexual vibe. And I just love how Beyoncé feels confident in her own skin. And inspires so many women to love themselves and I think when she calls herself Queen B, I think she’s telling other women ‘You’re a queen too!’. And that’s what I got when I went to her concert. Like wow! She’s so inspiring and so loving. And she wants other women to see themselves as queens, as they are! And she just makes me feel some type of way. When I watched the videos, I’m like, ‘Yes hunny! Let me go put on my lingerie!’”

- Tika Sumpter on Beyoncé and the new album